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END OF MAY FLASH SALE | Landscape Supplies Online | FREE METRO DELIVERY across Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington

5 Landscaping Tips You Need To Know!

We all know that sometimes landscaping can be a formidable task. However it doesn't necessarily need to be and with the DIY attitude it's usually something you can easily sort yourself. Previously the issue has often been that the everyday person does not have access to a trailer, or time to collect a trailer, unload, return the trailer and only then can the garden work begin. Now with Cubag, the process is easy!

By ordering one of our handy Cubags, it saves you time and you can complete your garden yourself. We have compiled beneath for you, a series of quick tips to help you get your landscaping underway.

Cubag’s landscape tips for DIYers.

  1. Don’t neglect the power of water. Whether it’s a hose or an irrigation unit, water is the essense of life for your garden.  If you have an irrigation system, remember to adjust the watering times for seasonal changes.  As too little water is hazardous to your plants, so too is over watering.  Soils should remain moist, not water logged or dry.
  2. Mulch your gardens regularly. Too often mulching is neglected; it is a great way to assist your plants and hold a kinder soil temperature in winter for protection from frosts and in summer for protection from the heat. Not only that, but it can also fill your soil with nitrogen and nutrients which help the soil stay fertile and ready to grow!         
  3. Consider your space. When planting a new garden, visualise and plan how the garden will look once all the plants are fully grown. Garden beds can easily become overcrowded, so check your maximum plant growth sizes before planting.
  4. Choose quality products from the get go. Despite the temptation to skimp on your soil, pick a premium garden mix or soil for your garden. In the long run you’ll save money on fertiliser and weed maintenance, plus the mix will give your new plants the boost they need for new growth.
  5. Use bulk bagged products.There’s nothing worse than getting too much product spilled on to your driveway and nowhere to store it, or having rain make a mess when you're half done. Choose a bagged product and be able to tie it up for another day.

When it comes to DIY, you need to consider where you source your products from carefully. Our team’s latest offering has been designed with the home gardener in mind.

Our Guarantee allows for a 90 day return period. Delivered on time or your money back plus we pay you $100 for the inconvenience.

Finally, we guarantee the best home delivered price or we pay you the difference, plus $100.

This means it’s easy to order, with our online store and making the most of your time is important when doing it yourself.

Too often I’ve seen a neighbour get a load of soil dumped on their driveway and to their dismay it’s a challenge to clean up afterwards. 

We’ve been saying for a long time, that the traditional landscape delivery is flawed. We sought out a better way and developed our Cubags as the best option.

Clean, reusable and best of all tidy.

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