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END OF MAY FLASH SALE | Landscape Supplies Online | FREE METRO DELIVERY across Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington
END OF MAY FLASH SALE | Landscape Supplies Online | FREE METRO DELIVERY across Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington

Landscape Supply with Free Delivery? Cubag's got you covered!

We all know that getting a pile of landscaping products delivered to your house is an immense hassle. If it’s not the product being spilt all over the driveway and leaving a tremendous stain on the concrete, then it's the hassle of moving it quickly before the weather hits or before it becomes inconvenient. Yet fortunately, there is now a simpler way of doing things. No longer do you have to have piles of rocks and soils tipped all over your driveway, now you can have them packaged and delivered in convenient cubic metre bags!

Convenient Cubic Metre Bulk Bags

Our One Metre, Half Metre and Quarter Metre Bulk Bags are designed to give you flexibility of choice and peace of mind, by delivering the amount of product you ordered at unbeatable prices! Packed full of product at our yard, they are loaded onto our trucks and delivered to your property on the day you specify. Yet how does the delivery work?

Visit our homepage to view the info-video, or simply click here.

free delivery with moffett forklifts

Our free deliveries* are conducted on Moffett/Kinglifter style forklifts as pictured above and allow for the convenient and hassle free maneuvering of your products around the property. As these are specialist and industrial style machinery, they do require a few important factors to be in place before delivery can take place:


    • In order to gain access to your property, to deliver your mulch, stones or other landscaping products, the forklift requires a minimum width of 2.7m to successfully access the property.

      Why, you might ask? Well when the forklift picks up your bags off the back of the truck, it needs to disperse the weight evenly so as to avoid any risk of toppling or undue strain on the bags. The bag is lowered and held in position between the tyres. As the bulk bags can weigh anywhere from 450kg through to 1,800kg it is essential that this weight gets safely dispersed hence the wheel base is wider than the standard forklift.


      • Dropping your bags off in the location you desire, requires a few key conditions. To ensure it is conducted smoothly, it pays to inform us of your property conditions before we come to deliver.

      Ideally your delivery location needs to be flat and ground level. Owing to the type of machinery that is used, the extreme weight of the bags and in the best interests of workplace safety, the forklift cannot lift the bags over any fences or up to any great heights. This is owing to a number of hazards, such as the risk of the forklift toppling, the risk of damage to persons on site and the potential risk to property for if the bag falls from a height (1000kg falling onto your garden can leave an impressive dent!)



      • Being aware of hazards can help us conduct your delivery smoothly and efficiently, and when forewarned can be minimised or ruled out completely.

        Power lines, overhanging trees, deep or low roof alcoves and any other variant of height which might pose a threat to the forklift are taken into consideration with all deliveries. By forewarning us of the conditions of your property then we can avoid any injury to individuals on the property, and avoid any damage to the property in question.

        Our drivers are not only professional, but also very talented and will do their absolute best to get your bulk bags to where you require them. If there is an issue with the delivery and they are unable to get to your delivery location for some unforeseen reason, then they will attempt to contact you to discuss where the next best location for delivery will be. It is up to the driver in all situations for whether or not they deem a property to be safe for delivery, so when it comes down to it, the drivers decision is final. 9 times out of 10 delivery is fluid, however it always pays to be prepared!


        If your property is not suitable to receive a bulk bag then fortunately, we have a solution for you! Our Handypacks are designed to be carry-able, easily movable and super convenient. With a minimum purchase order of 10, you can easily get the same great products in bags that you can carry around your yard and even through the house, without the hassle of having to pick them up from your local hardware store. In fact, these bags are so convenient and easy to use that we simply book them on a courier and have them delivered! No need to worry about truck measurements or dimensions and no need for concern over getting any excess product staining in your car!

        The best part of all, is how easy this process is. Ordering your landscape supplies online enables you to effortlessly plan your weekend project in a matter of minutes and then return to the things that really matter. Whether you require bark, mulch, river stones or aggregates for your yard, the Cubag ordering process will be the easiest part of your day!

        What happens to the bags once you’re done? Simply give us a call and we arrange collection of the bags from your property. We simply ask that the bags be cleaned out (a gentle hose off will easily remove any residue), dried and then folded as best as you’re able, into quarters or thirds. With an easy guide on how to pack down the bags, this makes the process quick and simple and means our team are able to easily nip around Auckland and collect all the bags in a single day.

        *Free deliveries are within our Auckland metropolitan delivery zones. Contact our staff via email or use our address chooser on our website to determine if your website qualifies for free delivery.

        So what’re you waiting for? Order your online landscaping supplies from Cubag today, and have your yard looking professionally decorated by the weekend!

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