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Landscape Supplies Online | FREE METRO DELIVERY across Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington

Scoria SAP7 800kg Build Bag

by Cubag
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Title: Auckland & Hamilton Only

SAP7 is a popular alternative to GAP7, this product is perfect for bedding underneath drainage pipes and can be compacted to develop hard surfaces. As a naturally mined, crushed volcanic rock, SAP7 is a rich red colour that can contain streaks of brown. The nature of scoria's creation under intense pressure in the formation of volcanic cones, results in it being immensely durable and strong.

Approximate Size: AP7 (All Passing 7mm)

Application Depth: Varies by project. Consult with us for more information.

When the dull grey of GAP7 becomes a bit repetitive, Scoria AP7 (SAP7) is the perfect alternative to help liven up your yard. Perfect as a paving aggregate, this product can be compacted and used to create deep red pathways that will weave their way seamlessly through the green of any New Zealand yard. Being both extremely hard and durable, it is also lightweight and porous, making it perfect for the drainage of water.

By applying it underneath PVC drainage pipes, it can provide stability and support and help in the clearance of excess water, thus avoiding flooding. It’s robust nature helps it to support and hold up storm water and sewer pipes. It is also useful behind retaining walls, helping to support drainage underneath soils and other growth media and keep the plants safe.


  • Naturally robust providing impeccable strength and support to any project for which it is used.
  • Volcanic, earthy colours which can provide a nice alternative to the typical greys when laying pathways in the garden.
  • Can support pavers, giving a distinct contrast between the two materials and helping the pavers to stand out in the yard.

When placed underneath pavers as a structural base course, SAP7 also helps to assist drainage as it is a volcanic rock.