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Landscape Supplies Online | FREE METRO DELIVERY across Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington

Builders Mix 800kg Build Bag

by Cubag
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Title: Auckland Hamilton & Wellington

A ready mix blended combination of PAP Aggregates (premium), GAP20 (general) and sand. An ideal companion for any DIYer or builder, simply add water and cement to create a professional grade, durable concrete. Derived from greywacke crushed rock and washed river sand and typically known as BM20 throughout the building industry.

Size: Sieved through a 20mm screen. As it is screened at 20mm all in, this creates a medium grade product, very similar to GAP20 in size.

Source: One of New Zealand’s premier and exclusive aggregate suppliers in the upper north island.

A premium quality product perfect in small DIY projects or professional concrete jobs. Sourced from one of New Zealand’s premier aggregate suppliers, this product is ideal for securing fence posts, letterboxes or creating simple pathways around the yard. Builder’s mix blends together top quality metal aggregates and sand that make it heavy duty and immensely durable.


  • Professional grade durability ensures strength and confidence in the stability of the end product.
  • Blend it in a cement mixer or by hand in a wheelbarrow and receive the same results.
  • Using a combination of BM20 and cement will save you money, as opposed to using kilograms of dried ready-mix bags.

Indicative of its profound strength you can rest assured that the product will not be compromised if blended in a cement mixer or alternatively by hand in a wheelbarrow or bucket. Additionally, BM20 can be tailored to your desired consistency, simply add more water and cement until the consistency required has been achieved. Instructions for aggregate to cement ratios can be found on the cement bag packaging.

As a rule of thumb 8 bags of 20kg cement are required per 800kg bulk bag of builders mix for a 5:1 ratio in your concrete. This equates to be approximately 500 litres or 1/2 m3 (cubic metre).