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Landscape Supplies Online | FREE METRO DELIVERY across Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington
Landscape Supplies Online | FREE METRO DELIVERY across Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington

GAP7 800kg Build Bag

by Cubag
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Title: Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington

Crushed stone or gravel, also identified as “fine bedding” or “base course”. GAP 7 (optimum 7mm) is a very fine general purpose gravel for foundational hard landscaping. It is widely used as a base beneath pavers and cobblestones, with a supporting layer of sand and thus is perfect for creating pathways that support foot traffic.

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Size: Passed across a 7mm screen as a result is a maximum 7mm aggregate, although sometimes marketed by others as GAP8 or GAP10, which means maximum 8 or 10mm aggregate respectively. All grades contain fines.

Colour: Light grey

Source: South Auckland

GAP 7 is very fine (optimum 7 mm) general-purpose gravel for landscaping. It is made from quarried greywacke rock that is crushed and graded so that the aggregate is no larger than 7mm, but contains fines from just a fraction of a millimetre in size to anything in between. It is intended for use as bedding for pavers, blocks and cobblestones, as well as a foundation for concrete that is laid or mixed and then placed on top.

Compacts superbly and produces a fine base or layer of hard gravel for which to place hard landscaping products. Buffers paving elements or other materials that are laid on top of it. However, it does need to be well compacted by hand or machine before any paving or edging materials are laid.  

Note: When you lay pavers or cobblestones over the GAP7, we recommend that you first use a thin layer of paving sand over the well-compacted base course. Additionally once laid a jointing sand (often mixed with cement prior to sweeping) should be swept into the cracks in the pavers to provide maximum support and weed elimination long term.