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This sandy loam topsoil will provide great structure and is a beautiful rich looking soil, that's higher sand content makes it more porous than typical Auckland clay soil. The higher sand component make this loam ideal for new lawns, veggie patches or raising backyard garden levels. It is screened to 10mm and is available in handy bulk bags. As with all naturally occurring topsoil this product is not 100% weed free, but has been well screened. Water frequently in drier conditions.

Source: Waikato region.

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It’s rich colour and workable nature make it a popular choice with landscape professionals.

A balanced mix of sand, silt and clay, this product is darker in colour and is very pleasing visual addition to Auckland properties. The soils properties make this a friable, workable product popular with experienced purchasers in the upper north island. It contains less clay and more sand than locally sourced Auckland topsoil and as a result is more free draining. Like all sandy loams this blend is best performing when moisture levels are maintained through the dry summer months.

When using for vegetable patches add some organic matter via a few bags of compost or some garden mix into the mix, to give the garden a nutrient boost.

If used as a base for newly seeded lawns, water twice daily to encourage fast growth.

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