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Landscape Supplies Online | FREE METRO DELIVERY across Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington

Bark Nuggets 1m³ Cubag

by Cubag
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Title: Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington

These chunky larger styled bark nuggets are a perfect choice to stand out prominently in any New Zealand garden, giving it a highly natural feel. Manufactured from 100% NZ pine trees, “grade 5” as it is commonly referred to in Auckland is a popular choice of ground cover for DIYers and landscape professionals.

Size: passed across a 25 to 50mm screen.

Advised laying depth: 75 to 150mm deep is the optimum.

Source: New Zealand, derived as a byproduct from pine tree harvesting.

Bark nuggets are an ideal addition to any yard and are a timeless product that has been used for years. As they are a naturally sourced product, they operate as a natural mulch through easy heat retention and moisture cover for plants and plant beds.

This product is best if laid on top of weedmat as it can succinctly support the suppression of weeds and the healthy growth of plants. Owing to its size, chunky bark bears greater heat retention than smaller grades and thus can work similar to other mulch media by providing excellent weed suppression properties. Deep brown in colour and chunky in size, making this product an excellent choice in windy and exposed areas.


  • Natural guardian, helping to protect your plants in the cold and sustain them with heat
  • Highly aesthetic meaning these nuggets will blend in with any New Zealand landscape.

PH will range from approximately 4.5-5.5 depending on tree age, growing conditions, age etc.

Regarding annual maintenance, topping up annually is recommended, as bark does break down and slowly lose colour over time.