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END OF MAY FLASH SALE | Landscape Supplies Online | FREE METRO DELIVERY across Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington

Black Mulch 1m³ Cubag

by Cubag
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Title: Auckland & Hamilton Only

A beautiful dark decorative contrast cover for atop your garden beds. This striking looking black mulch manufactured by reharvest is great at retaining water, thus providing a water supply to your plants in the driest summers. By applying it at a minimum 100mm depth, you can create a natural weed suppressant and take some of the laborious effort out of gardening!

Suggested application depth: 100mm to create a weed suppressant.

Safe Handling Tips & Advice: Click Here

Time before topping up: Annual top-up recommended.

Please Note: Our Black Mulch is dyed with an organic black vegetable dye and as a result there is a potential risk of staining occurring. Although this is unlikely to occur, if you would prefer to avoid staining, we would advise noting in your delivery instructions that you would like your bags to be placed on grass or a similar location where the staining will have minimal impact. We would recommend laying out a tarpaulin or other ground cover, to mark the location should this be an issue and to prevent any staining. Cubag will accept no responsibility for any damage that is caused by stain running from the Black Mulch. If you have any further enquiries about this, we advise you contact our team prior to ordering to receive further information.

Made from recycled timbers and dyed jet black, this product is striking and highly appealing resulting in a more polished and refined look to your garden. With long lasting colour, the dye will retain this look for a minimum of two years before you’ll have to undergo re-mulching although a yearly top-up is ideal to retain maximum visual appeal. The dyes used are 100% toxin-free, meaning that it’s completely safe to use on gardens and the resulting product will help your flowers and plants stand out better in the yard.

The timber use in the product consists of recycled wood which is air dried resulting in a collapse of cellular activity and decreases the water absorption of the wood. As a result, the air drying slows down the decomposition rate of the chips, which is responsible in part for its 2 Year duration. This process makes it lightweight and therefore compacts well and is capable of enduring all kinds of weather. Owing to its unique nature, when it rains, the water passes between the fibres and gets stored beneath and used to benefit the plants, rather than going to waste.


  • Dye allows the mulch to create a “wow factor” impact in the garden, with no negative impact on the plants.
  • Mulches form a protective barrier atop the soil and assist with controlling the temperature of the soil. This means that it helps keep plants warm in the winter and keep them cool in the summer. It’s basically a garden insulation system!
  • Promotes virility amongst the plants and the opportunity for the roots to spread and grow strong in almost any conditions.
  • Can support the decomposition and integration of other organic media that is applied to it – i.e leaves in the autumn. By turning them over beneath the protective layer they will naturally decompose and become part of the mulch, thus pushing nutrients back into the soil.

Mulches are layers of organic materials applied to the surface of an area of soil. It can be applied either directly to soil with plants in it, or to soil that is yet to be cultivated and through natural incorporation by elemental activity and the activity of worms, it will naturally work its way into the soil. Although black mulch is primarily used as a decorative feature in gardens, it also serves other purposes such as conserving moisture, suppressing weed growth and improving the all-round health and fertility of the soil. When applied correctly, it can dramatically improve soil, resulting in greater abundance of produce (if fruit or vegetables are involved) or vibrancy of colour and scent (in the case of floral plants).