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END OF MAY FLASH SALE | Landscape Supplies Online | FREE METRO DELIVERY across Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington

Booster Garden Mix 1m³ Cubag

by Cubag
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Title: Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington

Premium GMA formulated and manufactured garden soil to give an optimum start to plant life in new beds, border hedging and raised planters. A weed free blended combination of aged composted bark fines, lime, slow release fertilisers, compost and pumice for assisted drainage. Calculated ratios are formulated to create an ideal general purpose blend for a wide variety of uses. The addition of slow release fertilisers give a starter boost to your plants for vibrancy, yield, size, colour and growth.

Safe Handling Tips & Advice: Click Here

- Weed free
- Contains slow release fertilisers.
- Free draining.
- Suitable for planting a wide variety of plants and flowers.
- Lightweight, easy to plant into and spread around raised planters.

This is our most popular premium outdoor garden soil for general garden bed planting, raised gardens and planter boxes. Garden mix is designed to be used as an easily applied layer directly on top of the garden and also can be used at depth by either digging into existing gardens or as a new medium for planting directly into. Spread to a depth of 100mm – 500mm, plant and generously water frequently.

Annual re-application of slow release fertilisers is recommended as is occasional introduction of organic matter by way of compost or liquid alternatives.

For best result when planting for most plants, apply a 100 mm covering of mulch, this is especially important in hot and dry conditions.  If you prefer a stone or pebble mulch this can be used on top of weedmat. When using in raised planter boxes we recommend using drainage metal  or scoria in the base of the planter box to assist drainage.

Health Safety Warning & Precautions.
This product may contain microorganisms that may be damaging to your health. Avoid breathing dust and mists. When handling this product, always wear a protective mask and gloves. Keep product moist. After use wash hands immediately and thoroughly.