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END OF MAY FLASH SALE | Landscape Supplies Online | FREE METRO DELIVERY across Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington

Garden Bark Medium 1m³ Cubag

by Cubag
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Title: Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington

One of the most commonly seen items in many New Zealand backyards, nothing beats the smell of freshly screened pine bark in your garden! This medium grade is perfect for all new landscaping projects, annual maintenance and adding instant appeal to tired areas. Additionally it may be used as a cushion cover for children’s playgrounds. Often referred to as “#4 grade” in Auckland, this medium size chip is the most popular choice in a lot of NZ gardens.

Note: Whilst this product can be used on playgrounds, it is recommended that a certified cushion protection product be used.

Size: Passed across a 15 to 25mm screen.

Recommended depth: 100mm for optimum weed suppression.

Source: Derived from NZ raw pine bark.

Bark is one of the most often used products in the landscaping industry and is great in helping your landscape thrive, as well as increasing the aesthetics of your yard. Graded through a 15mm to 25mm screen, this grade is most commonly known as grade 4 or medium grade and can be found across the entirety of New Zealand. This product is a byproduct of the forestry industry sourced from raw pine trees which gives an approximate pH balance of 4.5 to 5.5 dependent upon tree age, growing conditions and the age of the product.

When using this product as a decorative mulch in your garden, it is advised that you first lay down weed mat. Although this product on its own will naturally suppress weed growth, it will ensure less maintenance if used atop weedmat. This product is also incredibly easy to handle as it is quite light and thus can be transported around the yard via shovel or wheelbarrow with ease. This makes it an apex choice and one of the most popular ground covers year around.


  • Lightweight and naturally aesthetic. As a timeless addition to any yard, this medium grade can be used year round for many different purposes.
  • Can be used as a perfect cushion cover in children’s playgrounds.
  • Like mulches, helps retain soil moisture in the warmer months, which assists in preventing the plants from drying out.

Through operating as a mulch, this product is a more economical alternative to white chip or river stones. However it needs more regular maintenance, by topping up annually, it is possible to maintain this high quality appearance, as bark has a tendency to “silver off” over time and thus a spring time spruce up each year is highly recommended to maintain colour.

For optimum weed suppression, place and spread at a 100mm depth. This depth provides sustainable support for plants and helps with an emulation of heat in the winter and water in the summer.