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Landscape Supplies Online | FREE METRO DELIVERY across Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington

Garden Magic Compost 1m³ Cubag

by Cubag
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Title: Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington

Not to be mistaken for the corner of the garden where dad dumps the lawn clippings, compost is a 100% natural and screened blend of aged garden matter. This product is perfect for conditioning your soil without having to jeopardize your choice of growth media.

Suggested application depth: Mix into your soil at 15 to 30cm depth for optimum results.

Safe Handling Tips & Advice: Click Here

Time before re-application: Annual top-up recommended.

Colour: Warm to dark brown tones.

Most people know from a young age that compost is used to support the healthy growth of plants and conditioning of the soil. For prime compatibility, we recommend mixing this product through a screened variety of topsoil.


  • Weed free.
  • A natural garden component that supports plant growth and health.
  • A ‘living’ garden media that continuously nourishes and conditions the soil of your garden.
  • Compatible for multiple uses such as being a soil booster, a natural mulch and a protective cover during the colder seasons.

This product can also be used as a mulch or alternately spread around the base of pre-existing trees and shrubs that extend above the ground. If being used as a mulch, treat as other mulches, and apply it to the top layer of soil, at a depth of 100mm. In some cases, this compost works better as a mulch through the winter as it can catch falling garden media and convert it into mulch material, such as leaves, bark and animal manure. This also presents an opportunity for lawn clippings to be added to it thus generating a continuous cycle of mulch media.

Health Warning: It is important to note that this product is a natural and ‘alive’ growing media, and as such may contain microorganisms that can be hazardous to health. For this reason, if the bag has been left sitting for a period of time before use, it is advised to open it in a well ventilated area, and do not place your face above the bag. Avoid inhalation of the dusts and mists and wear gloves and a protective mask when handling the product. Ensure to read the instructions and warning label thoroughly.

With a thorough blend of bark fines, green waste, sawdust and vegetable matter, this product perfectly blends through soils to provide support to any section of the yard.

This variety of compost is best used in late winter to condition and prepare the soil of your garden beds for the growing season ahead. We advise using another form of growing media with this compost to help support this preparation, a high quality garden mix or topsoil would be a perfect companion to blend with this product.