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Landscape Supplies Online | FREE METRO DELIVERY across Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington

River Pebbles Small 800kg Build Bag

by Cubag
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Title: Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington

A small grade of naturally sourced river pebbles, they provide an ideal compliment for pots, planters or a ground cover as mulch where a finer decorative stone is required. Garden pebbles can be used to landscape a garden path or enhance low maintenance gardens. This product is light grey in colour and produce an amazing aesthetic effect throughout the entire yard where a natural looking smaller stone is required.

Size: Roughly 13mm

Source: Middle of the North Island of New Zealand

With a multitude of uses ranging from being used in potting plants or as a lining around the edging of pool areas, through to creating pebbled pathways, it’s a certified winner in any yard. At roughly 13mm a piece, these stones can operate perfectly as a mulch atop weedmat. Owing to their conductive nature, they also absorb heat from the sun throughout autumn and winter and can effortlessly disperse this into the soil, assisting with keeping plants warm in the colder months of the year.


  • Timelessly aesthetic meaning they will compliment any landscape.
  • Natural industrialist grade strength, allowing them to be walked or driven over without them cracking or splitting.
  • Perfectly operable as a retaining feature throughout gardens or to define areas where people can walk.

These small pebbles are often used on driveways and parking areas as they are a smooth, small grade that is ideal for walking and driving over.

For most effective use, apply them on top of your weedmat during the late stages of summer/early autumn and at the start of spring. This can assist in giving your garden a kickstart towards early blooming and can effectively extend the growing seasons on either side.

Occasionally the stones may appear to come “split-faced” which can occur naturally during the extraction process. At most, 5% per bulk bag could have the potential to come like this, yet this just adds to the natural effect generated within your yard. If the split-facing is not to your liking, the stones can simply be flipped onto their back as the other side should be unscatched. Additionally this product does not always appear to be pure grey at first. If this is the case, then after laying them, simply hose them down with water to remove the fine layer of dirt that will have settled on them during the process of extraction and packaging. This layer of dust is not detrimental in any way to your yard as it is a natural byproduct from the earth where the stones were collected.